4 Fort Bend County Locations

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ELDRIDGE(281) 313-2886Now Open Saturdays!
FIRST COLONY(281) 980-2666 
GREATWOOD(281) 343-5666 
CINCO RANCH(832) 430-2886Now Open Saturdays!

Where is the Road Taking You This Summer?

Summer is in full swing which means family road trips are in season. We want to know where the road is taking you this summer! Respond in the comments, check-in and tag us on Facebook, or tag us in the comments of your favorite road trip picture. Anything to share your road trip adventures with First Tire.


What we want

We want to know all about the fun adventures you and your family are experiencing. Did you find a hiking path that is not well known? Do you have a review to share about a restaurant or museum? Do you have an interesting story or funny video? Let us know! If you have already gone a road trip this summer, tell us how it went. If you have a road trip coming up, share with us along the way. Adding a visual element increases the fun.


Don’t Forget

Summer heat and stop-and-go traffic can be hard on your car. We have both of those factors in large supply in Sugar Land. Make sure you come by First Tire and Automotive to get your car inspected and wheels aligned before your trip. For the month of July, we are offering a free vehicle travel inspection. If you have already had your family vacation, stop by to tune up your car as well. All of those miles do a number on a car that you may not notice at first. We are also offering 10% off any repair up to $1,000 this month.


Make sure to tag @FirstTireandAuto using the hashtag #wheretheroadtakesyou to join in.