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Do you like the Goodyear blimp, do you like entering contests and are you shopping for new tires?

If so, Goodyear would like to hear from you because they’re in the middle of replacing their current blimp fleet, built on the GZ-20 platform (pictured above), with a new model called Zeppelin NT, and they want their customers to have the honor of naming the first one. The Zepplelin NTs will be used for familiar advertising work and as TV camera platforms for aerial shots at large sporting events. Goodyear introduced its first blimp, The Pilgrim, back in 1925.

So far, they’ve narrowed the list down to ten possible names for the new blimp including Inspiration, Wingfoot One and Excursion. To enter the contest, just visit the Goodyear website before May 9 to read contest rules and place your vote. Goodyear plans to give away nine First Prize certificates for free Goodyear tires. Good luck!

If you would like to learn more about Goodyear tires, just give us a call or stop by one of First Tire & Automotive’s three convenient Fort Bend County locations today. By the way, CNN just posted a great story about the Goodyear blimp and it’s history on their website. They’ve got lots of background information and some behind-the-scenes coverage about the Zeppelin NT’s development. Be sure to check it out.

photo credit: Chad Horwedel via photopin cc