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  • Back To School!

    Wednesday 22 August 2018

    It’s time for school and to make sure your car is ready for your son or daughter! Here are a handful of ways to make sure their car is ready and safe to drive. First, refill fuel at the right time. All cars made after the 90’s have gas-powered electric pumps that cool and lubricate engine components, and when you run on empty, the fumes may actually damage engine components. That’s also why it’s important to change your oil on time. Timely oil changes are necessary to ma... read more

  • Tips for SUV Drivers

    Friday 30 September 2016

    SUVs have become very popular, especially in urban areas. Their size makes it easy to haul kids to and from practices or take everything you need on a road trip. As convenient as they are, they should not be driven like normal sedans. There are some things you need to know to make sure you get the most out of your SUV instead of it getting the most out of your bank account. Be Consistent Good habits are key when it comes to your SUV. Make a habit of regularly checking and maintaining your car... read more

  • Back to School Safety Tips for Kids

    Tuesday 23 August 2016

    As we said in our last blog post, school is starting up again which means there will be an increase of people out in the morning. This increases danger for children trying to get to school and is a serious concern for parents and school administration. But the driver is not always at fault. There are some important safety rules for kids to follow in order be safe going to and from school. Make sure your kids are aware of their habits that can be dangerous. Dangerous habits to quit: Walking acr... read more

  • Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

    Monday 22 August 2016

    School  is starting which means the roads will be filled with buses, cars, bikes, and walkers, all trying to get to school on time. This influx of people can mean increased danger. This is a serious concern for parents and school administration.  Here are few important reminders for drivers that will help keep our kids safe.   When driving, remember: Don’t assume you have the right of way Stop for buses so children can get on or off the bus Avoid blocking crosswalks cau... read more


    Friday 18 July 2014

    We all know summer road trips aren’t always trouble-free. Dealing with snarled traffic, bad weather, or restless passengers can be taxing but they won’t necessarily stop you from getting to your destination. However, would you be able to deal with an emergency on the road? You can handle car trouble better if you are prepared. This means knowing what to do if you have a minor accident or a vehicle breakdown. Six Th... read more

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