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Battery Service

Most vehicle batteries, regardless of brand or price, are designed to last 4-5 years, but they often don’t. Due to variations in weather and driving conditions, car batteries usually last 2-3 years. The heat of summer causes the water inside the battery to evaporate and lowers the battery’s voltage while winter weather uses a higher voltage. Stop and go traffic can also hinder the battery from fully charging. With months of summer heat and plenty of traffic, Houston drivers experience more than our fair share of extreme driving conditions. This makes it critical to check your battery’s health regularly.

First Tire & Automotive ASE certified technicians recommend checking your battery and cables every 3 months, whether you are experiencing troubles or not. Bring your vehicle into one of our 4 Fort Bend County locations and our technicians can run a quick diagnostic test. Should your battery need to be replaced, First Tire uses high quality Interstate batteries for most vehicles. A properly maintained battery will last longer and you can be sure that you will get where you’re going.

For those times when your battery fails you, call First Tire & Automotive. We can help you get a tow and a ride into one of our locations so that we can get you back on the road.