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  • Getting Your Car Ready for Winter Travel

    Monday 27 November 2017

    The holidays are here which means plenty of friendly greetings, eating sweets, and traveling to see your family. AAA estimates around 99 million people will travel by car for Christmas. If you are one of those millions driving somewhere that has a real winter, you need to make sure your car is ready. Even if you are staying in Houston, your car needs to be ready to transition from an extreme summer to a mild winter. To Houstonians, prepping your car for winter can sound like a foreign concept. L... read more

  • Child Safety Month

    Friday 10 November 2017

    November is Child Safety Month. You can find great tips on keeping your child safe ​here, but we want to focus on keeping your child safe in a vehicle. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, road injuries are the leading cause of unintentional deaths in children and using a car seat correctly can reduce the chance of your child’s risk of death by 71 percent. Many car seats are installed and used inco... read more

  • Tips for SUV Drivers

    Friday 30 September 2016

    SUVs have become very popular, especially in urban areas. Their size makes it easy to haul kids to and from practices or take everything you need on a road trip. As convenient as they are, they should not be driven like normal sedans. There are some things you need to know to make sure you get the most out of your SUV instead of it getting the most out of your bank account. Be Consistent Good habits are key when it comes to your SUV. Make a habit of regularly checking and maintaining your car... read more

  • Safe Tailgating

    Monday 26 September 2016

    Football season is finally here! We are back to spending every Thursday-Monday night watching our favorite teams play, cheering on our kids involved in football, and hoping everything goes well for our draft. Tailgating has been a beloved tradition for football fans for a long time. There’s nothing like getting to the game early to enjoy some good food with even better company before cheering on your team to victory. Although this is a wonderful tradition, it can be dangerous if people are... read more

  • Back to School Safety Tips for Kids

    Tuesday 23 August 2016

    As we said in our last blog post, school is starting up again which means there will be an increase of people out in the morning. This increases danger for children trying to get to school and is a serious concern for parents and school administration. But the driver is not always at fault. There are some important safety rules for kids to follow in order be safe going to and from school. Make sure your kids are aware of their habits that can be dangerous. Dangerous habits to quit: Walking acr... read more